Pig Carcass Scraper Automatic Conveyor Slaughtering Machine 1.1kw Custom-Made

Pig Carcass Scraper Automatic Conveyor Slaughtering Machine 1.1kw Custom-Made

Pig carcass scraper automated conveyor slaughtering machine one.1kw custom-produced

The machine is utilised in pig shaving and conveying products. It is created on the foundation of absorbing foreign sophisticated technology. It is an advanced gear in China, suitable for massive and medium slaughterhouses. This machine conveys wide area and can transportation pig body of various dimension. The conveying procedure is controlled by mechanical and chain transmission system. 

Main use and characteristics:

one) the whole equipment adopts mechanical transmission, no air pollution to pig human body.

two) steady operation and long provider daily life.

three) ongoing production and high effectiveness.

four) simple procedure and less simply destroyed areas. 

Installation and commissioning

one) the equipment is analyzed, debugged and operated effectively before it leaves the factory. Nevertheless, soon after leaving the factory, because of to transportation, loading and unloading and other elements may possibly cause maladjustment or malfunction, so we have to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the entire equipment prior to set up, to make sure that the components are in good issue after installation

two) prepare the carcass scraper in accordance to the approach prepare and the concrete predicament of workshop, and determine the set up top and the auxiliary products before and soon after installation

three) checking whether the in shape of roller chain with drive wheel and slave wheel is compact or not, if there is any issue, modify the pressure effectively to make the total suit restricted

4) include lubricating oil to every single rotation position

5) use position test following installation, if no blocking phenomenon is identified, the motor can be began CZPT load, and can be place into use soon after regular procedure. 

Inspection, upkeep, servicing and troubleshooting techniques:

one) lubricate the rotating components regularly these kinds of as chains, bearings, and many others., ought to be changed on a weekly basis.

two) after each shutdown, the tools ought to be cleaned and cleaned to preserve the inside of and exterior of the entire body cleanse

three) at the same time, considering that the device is in the point out of vibration, fasteners should be tightened routinely to reduce loosening and change fasteners that break and slip, especially the bolts with sq. tubes linked to roller chains, Standard inspection on time, so that the conveyor plate and roller chain in a safe condition of fastening

4) right after making use of for a period of time of time, the outsized clearance and broken bearing ought to be replaced in time to steer clear of influencing the normal operation of equipment

5) when altering or putting in the device, it is necessary to ensure that the front and rear push and the centre of the motor wheel are in the same horizontal line. If the deviation occurs, the working machine will result in significant injury

six) Equipment and unique instruments shall be shelved on special cupboard shelves, retained cleanse to avert abrasions.

seven) Electrical power tools shall not be operated with any malfunction, and first any failure need to be eliminated 

eight) the gear is in every day routine maintenance, No disassembly of areas, quit immediately if abnormal. 

If the previously mentioned strategy can not remedy the problem, remember to do not blindly eliminate, lest the scope of the fault is expanded, remember to contact the producer after-product sales division to restore. 


Pig Carcass Scraper Automatic Conveyor Slaughtering Machine 1.1kw Custom-Made