30m Min Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine for PP PE PA PVC EVA Corrugated Pipe Making Machines

30m Min Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine for PP PE PA PVC EVA Corrugated Pipe Making Machines

Merchandise Description

Solitary wall corrugated pipe machine

We have 22 a long time expertise for the solitary wall corrugated pipe machine,our devices are suited for the corrugated pipe range from four.5mm to 160mm,our higher speed type can get to 25m/min.We have sold more than a hundred sets of corrugated pipe devices to 30 countries and areas

SJDBGZ Sequence CZPT One-wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
The device to generate corrugated pipes of PEPPEVAPVCPAnylon.This generation line with great overall performance and sensible cost,it will be the greatest selection for your making one-wall corrugated pipe.

Particulars for plastic corrugated pipe equipment


one,Automated feeder with dryer

In order to save manpower and productive work, every extruder is geared up with an computerized feeder which  can be established to both automated loading or handbook feeding. Automated feeding guarantees steady production and no downtime owing to deficiency of uncooked materials.On the other hand, the dryer can be stored complete of resources and the drying result will be very excellent.Computerized materials loading facility to extruder hopper necessary to be included.

CZPTal & Operational Features:

A,The turbo-pump will inhale the air in the autonomic materials convery so that the inlet of the substance and the complete program will be in vacuum.
B,The materials together with the outer air will be inhaled into the hopper by way of the inhaling tube.
C,The resources and the air will be separated and the material particles tumble down into the hopper in the drying gadget that will be related with the extruder.
D,In accordance to the central ventilating and drying theory, the unit will have to be developed. It will have higher heating performance and will dry homogeneously.
E,Two devices will work at the same time so that the autonomic conveying and drying can be achieved.

2,Principal solitary screw extruder

The extruder consist of the screw pole, cylinder, reducer, extruder head’s stand, the water and wind cooling technique, the lubricating system, temperature-controlling method, velocity-altering cabinet etc.All the parts be manufactured by reputed maker and the reputed supplier brand name.
We undertake unique screw for diverse raw material and various pipe diameter, so the raw materials can be effectively plasticization and get goo top quality pipes.The extruder will go well with a lot of requirements and programs in the corrugated pipe producing. A distinctive screw and barrel mixture, perfected by way of theoretical studies.The screw pole will be created of alloy steel and processed nitrogenous. It will have excellent potential of hardness. At the exact same time, it will be wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting.

Proven design and dependability is the main attributes of the lower sound gearbox. Splash lubrication will make sure minimum maintenance requirements.The gears in the reducer and the bearings will be lubricated by the common way.At the very same time, the lubricating program of the oil pump will be designed to circulate the equipment oil compulsively.

Energy productive generators appear from the Siemens manufacturer. Additionally, the motor and the reducer are directly connected via the coupling, which service existence is for a longer time.

3,Forming machine

We have two kind of forming machine in accordance the module connection method.A single is the module block assembled by way of the chain shaft,and the chain parts, then drive by the gears to transfer on the base plate.The bottom plate can be cooling by circled drinking water and the mildew block can be cooling by the supporter air.
The other is the higher velocity kind,all the module block been organized on the keep track of of the forming machine, there are driven by the up and down double gears to operate in a substantial speed.The module can be cooling by both water and supporter air.Productive cooling ensures the module  block cooling down rapidly, so it is effortless to get good quality of the one wall corrugated pipe in high pace generation.

Primarily based on the tube type demands of the corrugated pipes, we have produced a vacuum forming system to make sure the creation of a variety of shaped pipes.Our single wall corrugated pipe machines can create fixed size inlet pipes and drains for washing devices, and can create shrinkable pipes with joints ,round and flat  prestressed  plastic corrugated pipes,etc.


1.Drinking water cooling below template, wind cooling on device two sides.Two types cooling strategy to guarantee
Manufacturing speed2.Vacuum forming to ensure good item high quality.

four,Mould block:

We have professional mildew design and style technicians,mold processing devices,machining centre equipment.We can design and process varieties of corrugated pipe module block,corrugated pipe joint module blocks,letter engraving module blocks and other sorts corrugated pipe block for any varieties of corrugated pipe in accordance customer’s demands.All the module blocks are specialised grinding apparatus steel,which is of large hardness and robust use resistance.

We have been dedicated to the analysis, steady growth and innovation of corrugated pipe generation tools.We can  design and make the production strains according to customer demands.This sort of as the corrugated pipe outer layer with coating production line,the corrugated pipe with metal line pass by way of device.


one.Make mould by our personal CNC device to control the entire line quality2.Mould material:40Cr with vacuum channel
three.Mould layout:According to client request


5,Automated double placement winder

We can offer the total line for corrugated pipe making machine.This sort of as ,the automatic corrugated pipe winding equipment which undertake sprucing rod wire traverse for winding displacement.The automatic chopping equipment is  a  special cuter for the car harness solitary wall corrugated pipes.The automated tapping equipment is unique used for automobile harness and electrical wire protective conduit.The automatic shrinkable system for the solitary wall corrugated drain pipe.
We provide dies, heater,thermocouple, large temperature plug ,guiders,  and other connected necessary resources of really high high quality and lengthy time usable for creating of distinct sorts of single wall corrugated pipes.Device procedure connected instruments (complete set) for opening and closing of extruder screw, head & other related parts will have to be supplied alongside with the machine

6,CZPTal cabinet

You can choose the  PLC kind controller

1,Principal energy will  be controlled by ABB inventer
two,the products will adopt industrial pc or operation show (with contact display facility) and programmable logic control (that is IPC+PLC manner) to recognize the line’s synchronized operating and the impartial procedure like alarm system.

3,The manufacturing operation and the parameter set which includes zone temp placing and show will be carried out by means of the contact screen display.

four,The manufacturing state selection and progress manage will be recognized on PLC, this sort of as the motor begin-up and stop, the presented sign, Existing, the motor velocity and so on.

5,The Screen will converse with PLC, which can comprehend the production operation, the warning display, the line’s unexpected emergency and other capabilities.

six,PLC based mostly Synchronising system for the  extruder and forming device.

seven,The show will be installed in the electrical cupboard, rationally and gracefully.

eight,PLC (programmable logic handle) will adopt substantial-top quality Siemens series merchandise

nine,The equipment will also undertake AC converters, air-change, contactor and other major lower-force goods of Siemens goods or other reputed suited manufacturer.

10,The machine will also adopt RKC, Japan temperature measuring unit or other suitable reputed brand.

eleven,The warmth electrical power management will have to be use by solid-state relays.

12,The electrical power can be provided from a few-phase and 5-wire syste

Classification of the single wall corrugated pipe device equipment

1)According to uncooked material classification :
PP/PE/EVA granules solitary wall corrugated pipe device
PVC granules/powder one wall corrugated pipe device
PA Nylon granules solitary wall corrugated pipe equipment

2)In accordance to  producton velocity

Widespread pace single wall corrugated pipe device three-8m/min
Large speed one wall corrugated pipe machine ten-25m/min
3)In accordance to pipe software
Frequent one wall corrugated pipe equipment for electrical wire thread-passing pipes / Circuit of device resource /wire harness protection pipe of lamps and autos
Compromise joint one wall corrugated pipe device for the air conditioner pipe / washing equipment inlet and out pipe/toilet drain pipe/health-related pipe/hookah shisha pipe
Shrinkable one wall corrugated pipe device for bathroom pipe/medical pipe
Punching spiral corrugated pipe producing device for foreshore reclamation land pipe/urban mud h2o drawing pipe/afforestation subject pipe
PE-prestressed plastic corrugated pipe extrusion line for concrete buildings pipe

4.5-160mm corrugated pipe making machine

This CZPT Solitary Wall Corrugated Pipe extrusion machine made by HangCZPT Tongsan CZPT CZPT
Company is utilized to produce PP, PE, PVC, EVA, PA and other substance single-wall corrugated pipes continuously.
CZPT solitary wall corrugated pipes have functions of powerful thermo-steadiness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, large intensity, excellent overall flexibility, etc.
One wall corrugated pipes are extensively applied in many fields this kind of as electrical thread-passing pipes, circuit of machine device,protecting pipe of lamps, drinking water pipes in air conditioner, washing equipment, bathroom, and so on.

Pipe diameter variety






Design of extruder






Manufacturing capability






Power of extruder






Electrical power of forming machine






Pairs of modules






Cooling mode

Wind&Water cooling

Wind&H2o cooling

Wind&Water cooling

Wind&Drinking water cooling

Wind&Water cooling

Generation speed






Higher pace one wall corrugated pipe making equipment

GSDBGZ substantial pace plastic pipe extruder machine four.five-53mm one wall corrugated pipe generation line is developed on the basis of our authentic solitary-wall corrugated pipe machine.
The molds are moved by equipment on the runway.It is outfitted with specially made h2o cooling sealing technique, and the
Lubrication oil can be injected routinely.
In the forming machine, for little measurements mould, it can be established with two mould chambers which can make two different dimensions of pipes only by altering the height of forming equipment immediately.
All these attributes increase the creation pace of solitary wall corrugated pipes to a great extent, which can reach twenty-25m/min.
Besides, the manufacturing line is equipped with pre-tension reducing cooling gadget, automated tapping device in production line and automated coiling equipment, and it is specially appropriate for the production of vehicle harness corrugated pipes.

Pipe diameter selection

Pipe diameter selection


(Pipe with joint)

Product of extruder




Creation ability




Electrical power of extruder




Electricity of forming equipment




Pairs of modules

sixty three pairs



Cooling method

Water cooling

Water cooling

Water cooling

Generation pace




Corrugated pipe application

CZPT corrugated pipe has the characteristics of light weight, sturdy bearing stress, superb bending functionality and easy construction. When compared with other drainage supplies, plastic bellows have the positive aspects of strong corrosion resistance, powerful water permeability and substantial price overall performance.

CZPT corrugated pipe is a kind of corrosion-resistant, h2o-permeable pipe. In modern a long time, plastic corrugated pipes have become far more and far more extensively utilized. When compared with metallic corrugated pipes, plastic corrugated pipes are not conductive and can prevent stray In addition, the plastic corrugated pipe has good bending efficiency and is hassle-free for building.

CZPT corrugated pipes (PA, PE, PP) are broadly utilized in the wiring link of equipment resource equipment and electrical box manage cupboards, and are outfitted with plastic quick connectors. It is commonly employed in automotive wiring harness, electronic, mechanical wiring harness and other fields, replacing the original PVC and metallic sheath merchandise, and becoming a extensively used wiring harness sheath item on the market place. In addition, plastic corrugated pipes are also utilised in municipal engineering, underground burying of rainwater in household quarters, sewage discharge, irrigation of farmland, drainage of waterlogging, and so forth.

Other products

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30m Min Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine for PP PE PA PVC EVA Corrugated Pipe Making Machines